Sep 152017


When you see an old couple jogging in a park, you may wonder what makes them stay fit in their age. In contrary, many younger people have bone problems which make them unable to do such thing Actually, this is not an impossible if you control your lifestyle since you are young. Staying fit in old age needs efforts, especially in strengthening bones.
Bones are important parts of our body we should keep and maintain to ensure their longevity. If they are not in good quality, you will easily get illnesses related to bones or joints, such as back pain. You may feel it after sitting for hours in office and it makes you unable to finish your job correctly.

Osteoporosis is one of the worst possibilities caused by bad quality bones. Someone should prevent osteoporosis since he or she is young. In this case, parents play a big part in teaching positive habits, such as consuming milk. The best prevention of osteoporosis can be done before your age reaches 30. In this age, your body starts taking calcium from your bones in order to deliver it to other parts. After 30s, someone can still reduce risks of bone loss by consuming vitamin D and calcium supplements and doing weight-bearing exercise.

Vitamin D and calcium can also be found in milk and dairy products like yogurt and cheese. Consuming them daily will give you healthy bones because they are good sources of vitamin D and calcium. In this case, three glasses of milk will fulfill 100% of daily calcium needs and 75% of daily vitamin D needs. Another way to get required amount of vitamin D is by basking in the sun for about ten minutes each day.

Weak bones are also caused by sitting for hours especially if it is done everyday, such as in office. Although you are sure that you always fulfill the calcium needs, it will not work well if you never do exercises to strengthen your bones. Besides good health, strong bones and strong muscles are the best advantages of regular walking, jogging, weight-bearing exercise, weight-lifting, and even dancing.

The foods you consume everyday also influence your bone quality. Some foods are recommended for those looking for healthy foods to strengthen bones, such as leafy greens, almonds, and tofu. You can be creative to combine them in your meals to avoid boredom.

As there are always two sides in anything, some things are recommended while the others are not. It means that while you are suggested to consume some foods, you are also advised to limit the others. In this case, limiting cola or any other soft drinks is an example of the advised ones. It is believed that they can decrease the amount of calcium in your body, in which the effects can be seen after years.

If you often consume alcohol, you must also try to limit the alcohol consumption. As shown by a research, two to three ounces of alcohol a day will damage your skeleton. It is because people with regular consumption of alcohol have high risks of bone loss and fracture.


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