Jun 152016


Acne curesOftentimes, people who suffer from acne try to find natural ways to get rid of acne. After all, although some acne products tend to work at first, over time you almost always have to move on and find something else. Plus, most of the acne products on the market feature harsh chemicals that may be irritating to your skin.

For the most part, natural ways to get rid of acne have been found to be just as effective as those products that are sold at pharmacies and stores. Sometimes, however, it can take using several different methods at once in order to achieve the best results.

Most of the natural ways to get rid of acne require using fruit, vegetables, or herbs. Popular substances include mint juice, garlic, honey, oatmeal, and toothpaste. Honey has actually been used for a long time due to its antimicrobial properties, in addition to the fact that is soothing to the skin.

Manuka honey is one of the natural ways to get rid of acne. It has strong antiseptic and antibiotic properties. It can also be used for digestive orders. Mixing it with oatmeal and applying it onto your face in a mask can be a good way of dealing with breakouts. Just don’t leave it o too long or it can be hard to get off.

Tea tree oil is another substance that has been used as one of the natural ways to get rid of acne. You can apply tea tree oil with a cotton ball or cotton pad directly to your face. It contains antiviral, antibacterial, and antiseptic properties. If you have acne breakouts on other parts of your skin, such as your back, you can also purchase tea tree oil body wash which might be helpful as well.

Another one of the natural ways to get rid of acne includes using maca, a powdered vegetable root from Peru.. It helps stabilize and balance your hormones, which can lead to acne breakouts. In addition to these properties, maca also contains essential amino acids, iron, magnesium, calcium, and potassium.

Neem soap can be good for people who suffer from acne breakouts because is is anti-inflammatory soap that also has antibacterial properties as well. Plus, it can soothe and calm skin that is irritated.

Ensure that you are drinking plenty of water. Try to drink at least 4 cups of water per day. Not only will this help flush toxins out of your system, but it will also help keep your skin hydrated. When skin is dehydrated, it causes dead skin cells to build up on your face. When these mix with oil and bacteria, acne breakouts can occur. This is another reason why exfoliating and washing your face is so important. It is also important to use oil free moisturizer as well.
Many people suffer from stress acne. Stress can trigger hormones, which can lead to the sebaceous glands producing more oil which can lead to acne breakouts. Try to find stress reducing exercises, such as meditation, walking, or journaling. Learning to control your stress can actually have positive effects on your acne breakouts and can be used as one of the natural ways to get rid of acne and prevent it to start with.

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