Apr 122016

Oolong Tea
An impressive type of Chinese tea that anyone can enjoy is oolong tea. This is a tea that is noted for being able to work with a variety of different oxidation levels.

Oolong tea, like other Chinese teas, works with the camellia sinensis leaf. The oxidation process for this tea is something that will vary. The camellia sinensis leaves will have to be gathered from their sources and then left out to oxidize. All leaves will be brought into a climate controlled room where they can dry out.

Different oolong tea leaves will be left in different rooms for fermentation. This is done because of how different types of oolong teas will work with different fermentation levels. There are light teas that are fermented less than halfway through. There are also dark oolong teas that are fermented to levels of sixty to eighty percent in value. The fermentation forms make this different from green or black teas.

The number of antioxidants in oolong tea will be reduced when its leaves have been fermented at a greater level. There are still plenty of other health benefits though. For example, the polyphenols in oolong tea can work to help prevent enzymes that can cause bacterial infections from developing. Bacteria that can cause eczema and acne can also be reduced with this tea.

The flavor of oolong tea is a good thing to see. Light oolong tea will feature a sweet flavor while a dark tea will feature an earthy type of flavor. Some citrus fruits can be combined with the tea in order to create a more unique taste. The flavor is richer for this tea than it is for other similar types.

Oolong tea is a great tea for anyone to try out. It is a tea that can be found in a great variety of forms. It can be oxidized in all sorts of ways. The health benefits of the tea are also valuable
White Tea
White tea is a common type of tea. It, like many other traditional teas, is made from leaves from the camellia sinensis plant. The process that is used for making this tea is different from what is used for other teas.

Only a select number of camellia sinensis leaves can be collected for white tea. These leaves will be collected from younger buds on the plant. These buds can include ones that have yet to open up. These smaller buds can feature a series of small white hairs that these teas can be made out of.

The oxidation and rolling processes for preparing tea leaves will be skipped when white tea is being made. The leaves will be steamed up instead. This is a process that will be used to help get the leaves to dry up over time.

The health benefits of white tea are considered to be very strong. This is because of the lack of processing involved in getting it ready. White tea will be able to lower one’s blood pressure and improve one’s overall circulatory system.

It can also provide flavonoids to the body. These flavonoids will work to inhibit harmful cells in the body so that they can stop being produced. Many forms of cancer can be prevented or at least reduced when this tea is used.

The flavor of white tea is a relatively light one. It is not as intense as other types of teas that are made out of natural tea leaves. It will be something that any tea lover will be able to handle.

Be sure to consider white tea when looking for a good type of tea. This is a tea that only works with certain young tea leaves. This is so the tea can have a light flavor along with a shorter preparation process.

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